Wittmann By Beyond&More

Step into the world of Austrian finesse with Wittmann By Beyond&More, a revered furniture brand celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship seamlessly intertwined with comfort and style.

About the Brand

Founded in 1896 as a saddlery in Austria, Wittmann By Beyond&More has evolved into an international powerhouse renowned for its upholstered furnishings. A testament to its unwavering dedication to detail, the brand remains family-owned and prides itself on its meticulous artistry.

Chairs, sofas, beds, and mattresses—Wittmann By Beyond&More’s array of offerings upholds the exacting standards that have defined the brand for over a century. A guardian of heritage, it proudly continues the legacy of legendary Austrian-Moravian architect and designer Josef Hoffmann. Its exclusive licence to manufacture furniture pieces designed by him has not only helped preserve design history, but re-editions of his pioneering designs continue to be central to the brand’s collection.

‘Vuelta Armchair Small by Jaime Hayon

In a harmonious union of artistry and vision, Wittmann has partnered with Beyond&More, a dynamic furniture curation firm with its headquarters in Mumbai. Founded in 2017, Wittmann By Beyond&More’s core ethos revolve around nurturing the evolution from dreams to design, with a support team that meticulously curates spaces by presenting a vast line of furniture and accessories.

In this dynamic partnership, Wittmann By Beyond&More seamlessly blend their commitment to excellence, offering a fusion that elevates luxury furniture and design to new heights.

Kubus Fauteuil in Natural brandy

Design Philosophy

For Wittmann By Beyond&More, design isn’t just about aesthetics; functionality holds equal sway. Every piece of luxury furniture seamlessly marries visual allure with everyday practicality, a perfect equilibrium of form, function, and comfort.

Beyond design, Wittmann By Beyond&More treads responsibly, embracing eco-friendly materials like FSC-certified wood, local sourcing, and sustainable technologies such as electric vehicles and solar panels.

Vuelta 80

Collection at AD Design Show 2023

Wittmann By Beyond&More’s collaborations with international designers result in exclusive collections. At AD Design Show 2023, witness the unveiling of timeless treasures: the iconic ‘Kubus Armchair’ by Josef Hoffmann (1910), the captivating ‘Vuelta Armchair Small’ by Jaime Hayon, and the elegant ‘Tuky Table’ by Luca Nichetto.