Maestri (English : Masters”) are charismatic leaders, capable of teaching and handing down an art through direct action and through classic, timeless, original designs. They operate far from the idea of fashion and trends, and are yet so powerful as to define a unique style or trend naturally.



Tacchini was started in 1965 by the great Antonio Tacchini, one of the original maestri. The designs of Tacchini are Italian, and the rest is passionate production. The company quickly gained a reputation worldwide for contemporary designs. At Tacchini, the strength of the idea is central to every creative process. The creative process evolves logically, from analysis of the idea to determining the three dimensions of the object to ultimately becoming the essence of living. This ongoing process ensures a sense of connection with contemporary style, which is further enhanced by the choice of materials and use of leading edge production technology, while at the same time referencing the original idea so as to avoid confusing style with fleeting fashions, and design with simple mass production. And with this passion, production quality, and design focus, Tacchini creates furniture for living rooms, and for corporate working and waiting areas.

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