With a passion for organic forms, luxury materials, and precision details, Overgaard & Dyrman is a contemporary furniture maker and design studio based in Denmark. Merging traditional techniques with modern technology, Overgaard & Dyrman’s unique approach to design bridges the past with the present, resulting in functional products created to inspire.



After meeting at Aalborg University in 2005, Jasper Overgaard and Christian Dyrman began working on several student design projects together, including innovative concepts for furniture. Five years later they both graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design & Conservation. “Those years working together during our studies definitely set the foundation for Overgaard & Dyrman,” explains Christian Dyrman. Although both founders of O&D are formally educated in architecture and design, Christian is also a skilled blacksmith while Jasper is a self-taught leathersmith. It is these two specialty skills that helped Overgaard & Dyrman to develop and refine their debut furniture collection.

Iconic Products